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My Terms

Thank you for your interest in my snakes.  I designed the terms and conditions below to insure smooth transactions and make sure that all the details of buying a snake on the internet are taken care of.  Please read my terms and conditions below carefully.

1) Please double check the availability of the snake you are interested in before you send payment.  Call or text before you pay!  Feel free to call or text me to discuss any details concerning buying a snake. (951.807.7598)

2) If you send payment for a snake, then you are subject to my terms and conditions.

3) I will not ship a snake until I have received and processed payment and feel all the necessary preparations have been made.  Shipping could be delayed because of weather conditions or if a snake in shed.

4) I ship via in industry standard heated and insulated boxes.  You, or somebody you trust, must to be present to accept the delivery of your snake.  If these conditions are met, then I will guarantee live delivery.  I will follow all the rules and conditions outlined by

5) Please make sure to have a proper enclosure with heat, water dish, substrate, and hiding place ready for your snake upon arrival.  See my care sheets.

6) Never release your snake into the wild!  This can cause the hobby of snake keeping and breeding unwanted negative publicity; be a responsible snake keeper dedicated to educating and sharing.

7) Please be patient with me.  I am a very busy educator; my students and my herps are all demanding of my time.  I will try to get all requests done in a timely manor.  It is important that you keep in contact me while we are working through the logistics of sales.

Thank you for reading my terms and for your interest in my snakes.  I can provide references if needed.