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Tarahumara boa
Hypo Sonoran Boa
El Rosario rosy boa

Welcome to Stephen Richardson Herpetoculture!  This site is dedicated to the hobby of herpetoculture and sharing all aspects of the hobby with my friends, family, and fellow herpers.  If you want to buy a snake from me, then you can use the phone number below to text me.  I can chat on the phone as long as I am not teaching or field herping.  Text me first; I do screen my calls.  For information on me and the hobby check out the About Stephen page.  If you want to do business with me, then please read my Terms page.  I have permits to breed, import, and export California rosy boas and kingsnakes.  I only sell snakes and ship in the US.  Check out the boas that I have for sale on my Boas For Sale page.


The 2024 season is going to be wild!  I am breeding a lot of boas this coming year.  Below is a list of what I plan on breeding.  Hopefully it all pans out!

Rosy Boas:


Amelanistic Whitewater and Het Snow White

Limburg Amelanistic 

Limburg Snow

Pioneer Town Anerythiristic

Hypo Cabazon

True Ghost (Hypo Cabazon cross Pioneer

Town Anerythiristic)

Randy Wright's Golden Rosy Boa 


Magdalena Plains

San Marcos

Triv Albinos

Randy Wright's Golden Albino




Boa Sigma and Boa Imperator:


Sonoran and Hypo Sonoran 

Sonoran Leopard and Hypo Sonoran Leopard 

Hog Island


Tamaulipas Boa
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