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I prefer to take care of each transaction on a case by case basis rather than using an automated shopping cart.  This adds the human factor to the hobby which I enjoy very much.  This approach also allows us to deal with variables like shipping, husbandry, and timing.  Please read my Terms before making any payment.  Feel free to contact me to see if I have what you are looking for.  I always have babies on hand that are not listed here.  I accept PayPal and Zelle for most transactions.


Tarahumara Boas

I only have on litter on the way this year.  They are pure Tarahumara from Rio Bravo stock.  Males are $675 and females are $700.  I will cover shipping.  I am very proud of my stock.  I have been working with this locality for over 16 years.


Sonoran Boas (Het Leopard)

These are pretty boas.  They are a little sassy as babies but become very tame and easy to handle as they mature.  $350 plus shipping.

Sonoran boa

Leopard Sonoran Boas (Pure Sonoran)

These are Boas with the simple recessive pattern and color mutation called "Leopard".  They are highly variable in pattern and color.  I can provide specific pictures of available babies.  The price ranges from $450 to $700.

Leopard Sonoran Boa

Amelanistic Whitewater Rosy Boas

These boas are $375 plus shipping.  They should be available in late September.  The included photo is of a fully mature female.

Whitewater rosy boa

Harquahala Rosy Boas

These are awesome boas to keep.  They are large rosy boas and they do great in captivity. They are $275 plus shipping.

Harquahala rosy boa

Limberg Snow Rosy Boas

These are boa are both anerythristic and amelanistic.  They are $400 plus shipping.

Limberg Snow rosy boa

San Felipe Ghost Rosy Boa

These are great looking as adults.  They are $400 plus shipping.

San Felipe Ghost Rosy Boa_edited.jpg

Mount Wilson Rosy Boa

These are also know as San Gabriel Mountains Rosy Boas.  They are $300 plus shipping.

Mount Wilson Rosy Boa

Limberg Amelanistic Rosy Boa

These are a different amelanistic boa than the Whitewater amel.  They have orange/red eyes.  They are $350 plus shipping.

Limberg Amelanistic Rosy Boa.jpg

San Felipe Rosy Boa

These are a Baja locality of rosy boa that look awesome as adults.  They are $250 plus shipping.

San Felipe Rosy Boa 1.jpg
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