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I prefer to take care of each transaction on a case by case basis rather than using an automated shopping cart.  This adds the human factor to the hobby which I enjoy very much.  This approach also allows us to deal with variables like shipping, husbandry, and timing.  Please read my Terms before making any payment.


Tarahumara Boas

I had two litters this year so I have a lot of babies to choose from.  They are pure Tarahumara from Rio Bravo stock.  Males are $725 and females are $750.  I will cover shipping.

Tarahumara boa

Sonoran Boas (Het Leopard)

These are pretty boas.  They are a little sassy as babies but become very tame and easy to handle as they mature.  $350 plus shipping.

Sonoran boa

Amelanistic Whitewater Rosy Boas

These boas are $350 plus shipping.  They should be available in late September.  The included photo is of a fully mature female.

Whitewater rosy boa

Harquahala Rosy Boas

These are awesome boas to keep.  They are large rosy boas and they do great in captivity. They are $275 plus shipping.

Harquahala rosy boa

Limberg Snow Rosy Boas

These are boa are both anerythristic and amelanistic.  They are $450 plus shipping.

Limberg Snow rosy boa

San Felipe Ghost

These are great looking as adults.  They are $400 plus shipping.

San Felipe Ghost Rosy Boa_edited.jpg

Limberg Amelanistic Boa

These are a different amelanistic boa than the Whitewater amel.  They have orange eyes.  They are $350 plus shipping.

Limberg Amelanistic Rosy Boa.jpg
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